Traditional inspection overlooks defects hiding in your strip edge until it's too late. 

Proactively addressing those defects will make your mill more competitive.

Knife cracks, knife wear, out-of-range cut-to-break, sawtooth, burrs, and other defects are easily identified from the safety of the pulpit. Maintain consistent coil edge quality, improve overall efficiency and increase yield with this cost-effective retrofit. 
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Still Inspecting Steel Like Your Grandfather?


Want to see just how quickly you can achieve ROI with Edge Tech? Your local Unilux representative can provide you with pricing and trial options.

Immediate Feedback

Verify steel edge quality immediately after trimming

Improve Safety

Monitor trim knives from the safety of the pulpit

Proven Fast ROI

Payback is achieved in number of coils, not months

"We no longer have to wait for three coils to be processed prior to confirming trimming quality, which can possibly become scrap."

Larry Malone 
Big River Steel

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